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How To Add Alexa Rank widget In Blogger

Today my topic is on alexa.It rank your blog with traffic and other parameters.we will lean how to add ranking widget in blogger.we may in next topic learn more about alexa but this time i am only showing how to display your blog ranking.
Also add recent comment widget

alexa ranking

Adding alexa rank for blogger

First step is logging in to blogger account

go to layout and add HTML/javascript gadget

now paste the below code. use any one there are two 
styles as you can see in image below.

<a href=""><script  type="text/javascript"  src=""></script></a>

editing layout

<a href=""><script  type="text/javascript"  src=""></script></a>

Note: Replace with your blog url and save the gadget.

you can place your gadget at the right side or at the arrangements of layout and view your blog to confirm that widget is working fine

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