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How To Reduce Bounce Rate And Increase Traffic

Traffic is the basic need of every blogger.Mostly blogger get good organic traffic but they have high bounce rate, due to problem in navigation, blog design targeting keywords, interlinks and some other factors.High bounce rate mean low rate of clicks on other posts of your blog.It means there is problem in your blog and need your attention and more  effort.First of all we  will look at the definition of  bounce rate.

What is bounce rate

Bounce rate is the rate of action by visitors after reading first post on your blog.

If user go to other post of your blog or go to other tags, label and explore more thing in your blog, it means your blog
bounce rate is low and high click rate.

If user leave your blog after reading your post it mean your blog have high bounce rate and low click rate.

How to check bounce rate

To check bounce rate login to google analytics, if you have add your add in analytics.

How reduce bounce rate and increase click rate

Design and loading time
when any user come to your time, look at the design of template and load time.If your blog take too much time to load then user can leave your blog without visiting any page of your blog.If we talk about design of template it is also very important.If you have not good navigation and user not find what they are looking, they will leave your page.Make sure you are using right keywords in navigation.Do not add too much script because it increase loading time of blog.

Interlinks and external links
Actually you have to force your visitor to stick to your blog.When you write new post try to add related links in your posts.If you are adding external links, make sure external links open in new tab.If external links open in same tab then user leave your website and have very low probability of coming back to your website.

Fresh content
content is the backbone of any blog.keep your blog up to date and add fresh and interesting articles.while writing new article use heading, add attractive images and use simple language.

Final words.
It is recommended to use responsive template and make sure your blog is user friendly.Add recommended content widgets.
Design your blog according to requirement of visitors.Do not use to much external links.Aviod pop up ads.Fix 404 page not
found error.
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100+ Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites List

Directory Submission list plays important role to increase page rank.Today i will give you instant directory submission sites list.As i already made most on directory list but that directory is also dofollow but the list given bellow provide instant approval.Dofollow backlinks help to get more organic traffic.this is effective way to boost your blog rankings and your blog will come in top ten search results.

instant approval directories list

High PR Dofollow instant approval backlinks

You do not need to registration to submit site for instant approval.First you have to select category for your blog.Now you have to provide the URL, title, description and keywords related to your blog.Almost of the directories give free and paid option.Getting backlinks from directory like, Dmoz and Yahoo directory is not easy.Free inclusion can take several months like but luckly we have few dofollow instant approval directories.

To submit sites for instant approval, you have no need to signup

Submit home page of your site and give description.Make some modification in description on every directory

Select relevant category for instant submission.

Provide valid email because you may ask to verify email after submission.

List of instant approval directory

Final words
Do not submit your sites in one day.Now its your time boost your blog traffic.Backlinks may be take time to be indexed by search engines, so do not rush and keep patience.
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How To Make Money With ClickBank And Blogger

Today i will share trick to make money online.Actually some of new blogger think that they can only make money with by adsense but you also have other options to make money, like clickbank.It is good alternate,click bank give commission.First i want to tell some thing about blogging because some people do not know blogging and it is necessary to tell them about blogging.

earn money with clickbank and blogger

clickbank and blog

Blogging is sharing your valuable information through blog or website.You can make blog on any topic.choosing topic is very important task.Choose topic which is unique and valuable.If you do not have blog then make a blog first.making blog is very easy, there are many blogging platforms like blogger and wordpress.These are most popular platform and blogger is the oldest.

You will make money with clickbank by affiliate marketing.If you do not know about affiliate marketing, it is actually selling others have to promote and make sales of clickbank products.As i already tells that you need a blog for this, because you have to put affiliate link on your blog.clickbank is well known affiliate marketing website and give you commission on every sale.

How to earn money with clickbank and blogger

How to make account on clickbank

Step 1 First of all you have to make account on clickbank have to provide your personal information to clickbank.After completing registration form, you will receive email to confirm your account.

Step 2 Now login on clickbank and select product to promote.To select product click on marketplace at the top right corner of clickbank website.Now you will see lot of category,select the relevant category and then pick product to promote.

Step 3 After selecting product click on promote button, then a pop up appears and ask to set tracking can enter your name.
click create button and product affiliate link.copy that code and paste in your blog html.

Step 4 If visitor click on product link and buy it, you will get commission.Also if you have more clicks on product
you earning also increases.

I hope it helped you to know about clickbank and how you can make money with clickbank.Now its your turn make your efforts
in to money.
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Scrolling Text For Notification Message

Scrolling text is a good way to convey important message to viewers.If you have any notification or latest news that you want to share with your view then this trick may help you get your viewers attention.

animated text notification
 The first one is very simple with white background and second has
blue can text and change color of background.

  simple scrolling text message simple scrolling text message simple scrolling text message


you can replace simple scrolling text message with your text ans save it.

Note: you can add scrolling text in html of post or add html/javascript gadget and paste above code and save it.  
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Simple Blogger Post Slider With Carousel Effect

Post slider is a awesome way to impress your can place this slider below can add link in this post can add feature post or popular post,You can add link of your choice its totally customize widget to add any link for slider in  have no need to edit your template, just add this widget in gadget of html/javascript by going layout of blogger.this slider become in action when you mover your cursor over slider image and if you click on image it will redirect to link of post you added.when you move cursor toward right slider post move to show more post behind while moving toward left it show more post same wise.

feature post slider for blogger

In below image you can see slider boarder is blue but we can change it.i will describe customization of slider and can change url link to image and when you hover your mouse you can see title of post.It can also be change.while if you want to add more post in slider then you have to do few more step, i will also describe how to add as many post as you want in slider.

How to add feature post slider

Login to blogger account go to layout

Add gadget of Html/javascript 

Paste below code there.

<style>    #BloggerSpiceCarouselSlider {      height:130px;      background-color:#ffffff;      border:2px solid #3399ff;      position:relative;      margin:50px 50px;      overflow:auto;    }        #BloggerSpiceCarouselSlider:before,    #BloggerSpiceCarouselSlider:after {      content:"";      display:block;      position:absolute;      top:0;      bottom:0;      left:-4px;      width:4px;      height:100%;      box-shadow:0 0 4px black;      z-index:10;    }    #BloggerSpiceCarouselSlider:after {      left:auto;      right:-4px;    }/* CarouselSlider by  */    #BloggerSpiceCarouselSlider .container {      position:absolute;      top:0;      left:0;      margin:5px 0 0 5px;      width:300%;      height:120px;    }    #BloggerSpiceCarouselSlider figure {      display:block;      background-color:white;      float:left;      width:150px;      height:120px;      margin:0 5px 0 0;      position:relative;      overflow:hidden;    }    #BloggerSpiceCarouselSlider figcaption {      display:block;      position:absolute;      right:0;      bottom:-50px;      left:0;      background-color:black;      font:italic normal 11px Arial,Sans-Serif;      color:white;      padding:4px 10px;      text-align:left;      opacity:.8;    }    #BloggerSpiceCarouselSlider figure img {      display:block;      border:none;      margin:0 0;    }    </style>    <div id="BloggerSpiceCarouselSlider">        <div class="container">            <figure>                <a href="#" title="Title for Caption">                    <img alt="" src="" />                </a>            </figure>            <figure>                <a href="#" title="Title for Caption">                    <img alt="" src="" />                </a>            </figure>            <figure>                <a href="#" title="Title for Caption">                    <img alt="" src="" />                </a>            </figure>      <figure>                <a href="#" title="Title for Caption">                    <img alt="" src="" />                </a>            </figure>            <figure>                <a href="#" title="Title for Caption">                    <img alt="" src="" />                </a>            </figure>            <figure>                <a href="#" title="Title for Caption">                    <img alt="" src="" />                </a>            </figure>      <figure>                <a href="#" title="Title for Caption">                    <img alt="" src="" />                </a>            </figure>            <figure>                <a href="#" title="Title for Caption2">                    <img alt="" src="" />                </a>            </figure>            <figure>                <a href="#" title="Title for Caption">                    <img alt="" src="" />                </a>            </figure>        </div>    </div>
    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>    <script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[    (function($) {        var config = {            itemMargins: 5 // Distance between the thumbnails        };        var $thumbnailScroller = $('#BloggerSpiceCarouselSlider'),            $container = $thumbnailScroller.find('.container'),            $item = $container.find('figure'),            item_length = $item.length,            item_width = $item.outerWidth(),            item_margin = config.itemMargins,            total_width = (item_width + item_margin) * item_length,            $window = $(window);        $thumbnailScroller.css('overflow', 'hidden');        $container.css('width', total_width);        // Auto caption builder & hover effect        $item.each(function(cap) {            if ($(this).children().attr('title')) {                cap = $(this).children().attr('title');                $(this).children().removeAttr('title');                $(this).append('<figcaption>' + cap + '</figcaption>');            }        }).hover(function() {            $(this).find('figcaption').stop().animate({                bottom: 0            }, 200);        }, function() {            $(this).find('figcaption').stop().animate({                bottom: -50            }, 200);        });        $window.on("resize", function() {            var o_l = $thumbnailScroller.offset().left,                t_w = $thumbnailScroller.width(),                c_w = total_width;            $thumbnailScroller.on("mousemove", function(e) {                if ($(this).width() < $container.width()) {                    $container.css('left', -((e.pageX - o_l) * (c_w - t_w) / t_w));                }            });        }).trigger("resize");    })(jQuery);    //]]>    </script>

Place the gadget below header and do not forget to save arrangements.

How to change image and links in slider

You will find many section like this in above code highlighted in red color.

                <a href="#" title="Title for Caption">
                    <img alt="" src="image url" />

Change # with link of your post link

Replace Title for Caption with your post title, use small title for post.

Upload your image on blogger or any where on internet.copy your image url and replace it with image url in slider.

Remember use image of 150px width x 120px height

Save gadget after every change.Enjoy beautiful post slider in blogger.I have tested this slider widget, it is working fine but if you have any problem in installing feel free to ask me.Also hit like if you think this post is helpful.
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