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Add Stylish Thread Comments In Blogger

Add new feature of threaded comments in your blog that can make your blog more beautiful. This enables visitors to reply directly in response to comment.reply option is on the left side and it separate every discussion.adding new comment will start new discussion.

adding thread comment in blogger

why to add thread comment

First let me tell you some feature and distinct facts.It help to communicate with admin more easily and effectively.It makes your comments like discussion in thread system.It show date and number of reply with image thumbnail at the left side.
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How to add thread comments in blogger

Go to setting > other and make sure that allow blog feed is set to full

Settings>Posts and Comments and make sure that comment location is set to embedded.

search for this piece of code

just above </b:skin> add this code

 save your template.

Visit your blog  you can view a post comments section and you can see a reply button under existing reply.When you click reply then new text box will appear and this way when you publish more reply it make a thread.I hope you will enjoy this beautiful feature.

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