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How To Add Smiley Emoticons In Blogger Comment

Emoticons and smileys is good way to attract attention. We use these icons in chat and emails.we can also add in blog comments.We use these smileys to show our feelings, anger, love confused smiling or crying. These small and cute faces of cartoon help us to send our expressions and what we are thinking just in one click.It can make the discussions more interesting.
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how to add smiley in blogger comment

why to add chat emoticons in blogger

These emoticons become popular in blogging . Every person wants to show feelings and they like to express the feeling by cute smileys and emoticons.bloggers can add these emoticons in their blog just editing some changes in their template.many other blogging platform using emoticons but we can also add these emoticons/smileys in blogger but the method is different. You can use the chat icon while commenting or replying.
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How to add smiley emoticons in blogger comments

Login to blogger and go to template.

click on Edit template press ctrl+f and search this code.

above </head> paste the given code.

Again find the code

paste the given code above  </body> 

Save you template.visit your blog and enjoy beautiful emoticons.if you have any question ask me in comment.i would like to hear you.

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