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How To Add Pinterest Pin It Mouseover Button in Blogger

Adding pinterest pin button in blogger image is a good tool to make you blog famous. Images are essential thing that blogger use in their post so that visitor can easily understand the topic.Pinterest is a searching tool that can be use to find interest of your like while there many board are available on different topic you can pin it so you will view the topic related to the board you had pin can pin it any content on internet.

when user visitor click the red pin it button on image  the add that post in their account but if they not login to pinterest the can not pin it.To pin the post user must have pinterest account.

There are many benefits of adding pinterest button in your blog.First you get many new visitors so your blog page view increase that is the wish of every newbie.
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Beside that you can make board there and get your blog more famous to gain new and may be unique visitors.

Editing blogger template

To very first step login to your blogger account and then go to your template and edit click inside code area and press cntrl+f and a searching box appear then search the below code.

Add pinterest button code

after you search </body> then paste the given code above </body>

now you can save the template.visit your blog to see you pin it button.Always edit your template correctly if you somehow remove some script code then your template will not work correctly.when you press pin it it will take your post that will show in the profile whoever pin it the post.make sure the image and title are relevant.

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