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10 secret Tips To Increase Blog Pageviews

Firstly seo is a abbreviation of search engine optimization which is a technique or method to increase your blog high ranking in google or other search engine and it help your to get more visitors.White hat seo practice is google friendly and had good and permanent impact but black hat seo may rank your site quick but it will goes down with the same speed it was ranked and your number of visitors decrease so that technique is not much helpful also not appreciated by google you may increase page visitors of your site instant but not for permanent.

Search engines are frequently update ranking algorithm so it becomes more difficult to rank a site relative to past few i will show you some simple tips to increase visitors. To get permanent traffic first thing make your content some thing different than usual , new and not make it for search engine , make it for visitors that is helpful to them.

why we need more pageview

Every post you made make sure your title is relevant to the topic and do not make multiple post with same title because visitor can confuse if they found duplicate post on your blog.use main keywords in your title and never use same keywords twice, use only important and relative to topic that is good for seo of blog. do not increase title length,use images or videos for good description.Its ok if you have not video but images are very important add alt attribute for image optimization , use proper headings that increase your blog exposure and you will gain more visitors. make quality content do not over stuff that may cause bad effect on your blog seo.Publish fresh content and make your site up to date try and interlink your post,these are small but use full things to gain more visitors.every one want to increase page visitors because it can increase your earning.

get more blog visitors

Tips ways to increase visitors of blog

Every post you made make sure your title is relevant to the topic and do not make multiple post with same title.write quality content give information what your visitors want. provide content to the user or visitor that would be helpful for them.add images in your post do not over stuff that may cause in down of your blog seo but it can increase more click on your blog images also help visitors to  understand the article.publish fresh content and make your site up to date try to interlink For some expert professional bloggers the url or different things would not make any difference much but rather you must ensure that you blog title and url  inquiry and keywords hiting the target and it can effect number of visitors. Your Blog title and url are extremely key to rank you well in the search engines and bot will easily get your site.even single keyword can effect to increase more visitor.
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Make your blog user friendly

Make your blog user friendly. add good navigation menu adding popular or other widget that are helpful to increase
your page visitors.make sure your website is working properly in mobile or in other devices.add widget email subscriber.
Site labels additionally plays significance in improving your blog visitors.It is important that your blog entries ensure you are labeling all your blog entries to their separate category. This do not just increase your blog views but also increase your earning. user will be able to effortlessly  discover anything they need to want to reach it make trust on your site and you may got unique make sure your is site easy to use or navigate.

disable right click in blog

i admit that gadget are important to increase page visitors but It is very important technique. by using it user can not open page in new tab.
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dead or removed link

if you had post about some thing that to think in not much useful and delete it or you had delete the post unwilling but the url of post is in search engine and it may come in searching results but it cause 404 error not found and you may lose lot of visitors.Do not add too much scripts .only use that are important.your site should be load quick.visitors do not wait to load your website for a minute.

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