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10 Stylish Back To Top Scroll Button For Blogger

Blogger design is very important thing it attract visitor attention today i am going to share tutorial on how you can add back to top button in blogger blogs. You may seen it in any other blog.It is placed at the bottom and visitor can go to top with one click if you write long articles then they may face problem in scrolling up to blog, but Back to Top button can solve the problem and help visitors to scroll the blog to top more comfortably.It makes your blog users friendly.before adding this widget learn how to get backup of template , so that if you did any mistake then you have option to recover your template..

scroll to top button

I missed one that i really want to share because some time you may trying to deleted selected post that is not worthy more and by mistake you delete your all post of blog.or you had delete your blog unwillingly then it create problem for may have no option to recover your blog but if you had back up of blog post then you can recover it.

How to add scroll to top button in blogger

Login to Blogger Dashboard and click on Layout.

 Now click on Add a Gadget and select HTML/ JavaScript

Copy your desired back to top button code and past it in HTML/ JavaScript box.

save it and you process finish.

Enjoy beautiful and scroll button for blogger.If you face any problem in installing then inform me.

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