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How To Backup And Restore Blogger Template

Blogger template can easily access and edit to modify your layout and design.getting backup is very necessary because while adding a widget we may need to edit template and if you are not very well aware of coding you can made mistake in template and only one mistake can totally change the design.

To avoid unwanted changes in you blog have to get backup so that you can restore it can save the file in your computer that can be upload to restore your template.
blogger template

How to get backup of template

It is very easy to get backup.

First login to your blogger account

Now click on the left side template

At the top Right corner you can see backup and 
restore option as you can see in image above.
click it.

New pop up appear to get back up click
download full template

upload file

Now you template file is downloaded in your computer.
keep it save.

Restore the blogger template 

To restore you have to repeat the above process but now instead of
downloading template upload the xml file of template that you save recently.

Your process finish.If you have any query or problem just ask me.

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