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10 Ways To Promote New Blog

There are many techniques to promote your blogger blog or any type of website But if you really want to promote your blog i will tell you truly i is time consuming because you have to do it manually there is no one click button available that can boost your website.very First thing is that build your website, and enrich your blog with enough content before promoting.

why we need it

Make interesting content so that when you promote you blog spot it attract not think about earning but build your blog , may be your earning is low in the start but with consistent work you can make enough money from website.i will describe below where and how to promote your blog.but want to share few important things that you must know.
ways to promote blog

Best ways to promote blog

Facebook is a social media site and Billion of people using facebook. people can connect with friends family and other.make a fan page and share every post to facebook. you can personally send link via message.

Make twitter profile and share your content so that people can reach your blog.My experience is very great on sharing my blog in twitter. Amazing impact in promote your post.

Bing is popular search engine after google. many new blogger add their website in google but not in bing.It is less used search engine but after adding your blog you will see it promote your blog and you will get more visitors, so make sure you had added it on bing.
Also see how to add blog to bing

you have to sign up first before promoting your website.add your favorites and share you post with others.recommended to promote website

Another website sharing have to promote your blog,
best way to get fast result. manually after sign up or get add pin button for your browser so when you are browsing pin the link instantly.make your niche board and share all post there.make sure your board is open to world so that any one can reach your content.


Mark you site and promote .Again the great content sharing site.sign up free and share your website.

It is most famous video sharing site used world.make video description of your blog or post and share it on youtube. you need to signup first


It is content sharing site.make group and allow other to see your content.signup and fill up your profile and add your website to promote.create your professional profile and meet others. 

Google plus
It is wonderful site to share your website increase your blog visibility and promote it.Also you can add setting in your blogger account to share automatic to google plus when ever you made new post.or change setting and pop up will appear , ask you to share.

slide share.
Make slides of your blog tell about your blog ans share on slideshare.It has many category ,put your slide in relevant category.

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