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How To Add Blogger Blog In Bing-3 Steps

Bing is not much popular as google but yet some people use it and you ca take plus point for your blog by adding may need a microsoft account for it if you had not make new one. you can not take you first make a free account. In spite of the fact that Bing gets a small amount of web index movement contrasted with Google and Yahoo.

It is still beneficial presenting your Blogger sitemap to other search engines.Today we will see how to add blog sitemap in bing.The upsides of adding your blog to bing is that you will take in more control about how your webpage is crawl.This Blogger instructional exercise covers the strides included to add your Blogspot site. Section One manages how to add a website to Webmaster Tools while section two finds a way to add a Blogger sitemap to Webmaster Tools. Both these instructional exercises are evaluated simple and can be performed by anybody utilizing Blogger.
add blogger blog in search engine

Adding blog in bing search engine

Adding blog to Bing is very simple. you will get chances of your site would get index really fast provided it have good content hence you get extra traffic that is bounce point for any blogger. To add you site to  simply go to to the following Web Address that give below  and enter your blog details.add your blog url and then sitemap follow few simple steps to complete the process.

1: Go to the below link

2:Sign in to Bing Webmaster if not already signed in

3:now click add site option and paste your blogger blog url.
add blog in search engine

How to submit sitemap of blog

Go to Dashboard on the left hand side

Add Sitemap dialog box can be seen on left hand side. Enter the following URL of the default posts feed of your website. As show 
given below.replace your blog name with your blog name.

Make sure you have enough post so that can be index in bing search engine. Just go to dashboard and then configure my site. click on sitemap you  see the the status of your blog sitemap. Now the Status is success and get more visitor from bing. website will be indexed soon it may take up to 48 hours or may be more but keep calm and check it later.

How to verify your blog

After you add your site you will be asked to verify your blog , for that copy the meta tag as show in image.
meta tag ownership confirmation
copy that line then go your blogger blog and then go to template
and edit it. paste that code below 

so when you paste it below <head> your process is finish.if you have any question or problem feel free to ask.

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