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Optimize your Image In Blogger White Hat Seo

blogger seo optimization
Image optimization is the one of the significant part of on page seo.It is very essential to drive your website in search engine.many online seo experts available if you had enough budget then you can hire a seo expert to make your blog seo optimize but it you are want to learn it yourself or not had enough budget to hire a seo expert then you are welcome today to optimize we talk about manually on page seo.we have no need of any software.

In blogger blog you have to do manual seo to get your blog rank high is search is good for blogger to add optimize images in your post or page so that user can understand what you want to deliver also it help to generate traffic it is appreciated if you add more than one image but it is necessary to add at least on image for optimization purpose.

Many new blogger use image for the beauty of their post and page not for search engine optimization because they do not know to how to optimize their blog but all experienced bloggers know importance of seo.Hence they miss huge traffic from google image search need to add a title and alt attribute to get for on page seo of blog.title is like a title of your post or page is also help to optimize post. if you had not a title to your post or page it means zero traffic whatever content you had in your post.title is the main thing that is used in search engine to get your blog ranked high.

Things to keep in mind

If your post title is not good ,may be search engine crawl it but user not come to it so it is advised to use a good and informative title of your post and also in put it in title other thing is the image tag <img> has been divided to other parts. src(source of image) , title(title you add ) and alt (alternative txt).the question is that why to had to optimize seo and why add title and alt tag for image.The answer is very simple, ofcourse to optimize search..some points should be noted for  search engine optimization, that do not write to long title and alt tag, only use main words relative to your post.It help search engine to crawl your website better and optimize your post.Make sure your image light.using hd pics may slowdown your run rate of your site so it is better to use light image and do not use symbols in alt tag like (@ # % ) add minimum one image.mostly blogger missing these little thing this why their post in not optimize that effect much in search engine .as all know little things makes bigger so keep these little things in mind.

How to optimize image in blogger

First you have to login to your blogger account and the made new post,whatever the content but adding of pic is necessary to optimize browse your image from your computer or from webcam or url it do not can add pic from any source.after you had add your image click on the image and you can see 
press properties you can see the also other option there for alignment.
how to edit image
when you go to properties new popup will appear and ask you to add title and alt tag for the you should add title related
to the content but avoid too long title which is not good in point to optimize seo.same wise add a alt tag for image and press ok to save changes.if possible add more than one image but must add one.
optimize image blogger seo

suggestion for bloggers 

In last words i would advise that you should add title and alt tag to optimize image and get more visitor to you website.this is one the component of on page seo.Hold this narrate in your mind.for
suggestion and question you are always welcome.

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