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Make Numbered page instead older post in blogger

pages in blogger

when you made pages it automatically appear
on your home page and after 7 pages blogger
give a option of older post given below so that 
user can  go to next topics. in this way it may 
feel different or you have seen other blogs that 
have numbered pages in their blog and you also
want to add numbered pages it also help
user to go to  any page directly so to make
numbered pages in blogger you need to do 
some steps ..

how to make numbered page

step 1: go to template and edit html

step 2:click any where the code area and press ctrl +f
and search

just above ]]></b:skin> paste the code given below

and save the template. and see you have done it .
conform it to visit your this how you can add 
numbered pages instead of older post or newer post.

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