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How To Enable Captcha Verification In Blogger comments

Many people post  bad comment and use abusive language this is called spamming.To over come from spam there is no gadget but you can enable captcha verification.I have seem put bad link that may go to bad sites or put bad can delete comment but some blogger are very busy and can not check comment daily.

enable captcha verification
I always welcome visitors to reply and i try to help.some visitor ask question or give suggestion  and i love to hear their voice and try to help but i can not allow spammers.

Adding verify by captcha  in blog comment

Login to your Blogger blog and choose the blog

Go to settings >> posts and comments

change comment setting

you will see an option for word verification, just enable it
make sure it yes.

Click on save on your post your visitors have to complete the word verification to publish comment.

I personally find this feature beneficial and i think every blogger should add it on their blog.

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