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5 Adsense Alternative To Make Money With Blogging

There are lots of ways to make money online.In some methods you have to invest and in some you have to do no investment ,in these methods one method is with google adsense with blogging.If you had a blog you can put add on your blog to earn may need a website or blog to earn by adsense and your website must have sufficient traffic .  there are many blogging platform available if you had not blog you can make it easily.
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why we need alternative

Many new blogger blogging and apply for adsense too soon as they had not enough traffic and their account would be rejected or if google found that your website has some copy write content this lead to block of account.also adsense approval take time they look over your website and traffic, this is why we need adsense alternative.blogging is a good way to make money .There are many othere advertising companies available that give instant approval while some take little time  If your adsense account is not approved yet or blocked some how , you can apply to other highly paid advertising companies to make money.There some advertising companies given below you may like to join.
adsense alternative blogging

Top five way to make money with blogging

1: chitika
chitika is working since 2003.just signup and start putting ads by chitiks to your website.add ads is very easy , they give to a html javascript code. if you are using blogger for blogging go to layout add html javscript gadget and paste the code and you had done.and if you are using wordpress go to plugins add chitika plugins , after adding you will be brought to chitika plugin setting give your chitika account number and customize the ads unit and placement , you can choose 20 different ads unit colors and get paid by chitika fill up payment information and select threshold . Before request to withdraw money make sure you had reached the threshold. secondly once you had set threshold you can not change it later but you can change username and password any time easily 


Infolinks is very popular adsense can easily join it and it needs a website or blog.infolinjks offers different type of ads unit that are in screen ,in tag, in text ,infold .inserting ads
code is more easy. infolinks give blogger and wordpress plugin and also had option of adding it manually by putting html javascript in your blog.clicks and views give to earning by infolinks.after you reached minimum threshold you can request for with draw of money it will comes to you after 45 days but you have to set your payment .you can withdraw you money by paypal payoneer or by check. paypal takes 24 hours to become your payment visible in your account while payoneer takes 5 days.It is good gay to make money with blogging.

3: Adcash: 

adcash is online advertising join it signup and start putting ads to your blog adcash give variety of ads formats banner under site , footer and many more size customization . adcash also give feature of targeting .withdraw of money can be done by paypal and bank withdraw from bank wire you must add your bank info and other personal details.

4: RevenueHits

Revenuehits is advertising company having different range of advertisers.ecpm depends upon different factors but with sufficient traffic you can make good others they give feature of ads customization and withdraw can be done by paypal and bankwire.


clicksor is great and innovative company has introduce contextual targeting will be displayed related to the website. different size and formats available . you will earn 60 percent of the money made by your can put ads in body of website. for easy and quick adding of ads they offer plugins .only wire transfer is available to cash out.all ads formats has different  cost metrics

At the last i want to tell that there several ways of earning by blogging but first you make a blog then thing about earning.

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