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What is Blogger How to Make free Blog Full Guide

what  is blogger

blogger is product of google and it is available
worldwide .blogger provide you free service
and allow you to make free blog or site . google
blog is easy to use and its free. any one can make 
blogger blog easily . so question is why to make
blogger blog. if you are innovative or want to 
know about computer. or share some thing with 
other people you can easily convey through 

feature of blogger blog

blogger blog is free and you can make more
than one blog on blogger . 
you can add soft copy content.
you can add video content.
any one on internet can access your blog.

how to make blog

how to create blog

step1: first you need a g mail profile. if you had not
g mail account. just  go to and signup
on g mail.

step2: after you had make a g mail account go
to . it will ask you to login to 
g mail account.  put your email and password.

step3: after  you login you go  to blogger profile
and you can  upload you picture it you want.
if not the click ok , next 

make a blogger blog free

step 4: you see blooger ask you to make a blog
click on new blog and write a title and 
address . you can choose any one.
choose , select template and your blog 
has been created.

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