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How To Add Animated Welcome Message In Blogger

Some time you need you convey welcome message to your viewers on your blog and you need to attract you visitor to read your message for this you have to animated image message.while you can add animated text catch your viewer attention you have to make some thing different.animated message it the best thing to catch visitors eye on your message.

It is also impressive and some blogger use it only for notification but other blogger use it for welcome message to impress their visitors.You can add your introduction instead can tell about your self and about your blog to your viewers.

welcome message in blogger

Adding welcome message in blogger

This animated message can also be use on some special occasion like independence day ., earth can wish your visitors independence day and convey your message thought or and announcement thought it.If you have not an extra gadget section in blogger then you have to create a new one to put your welcome message below can show welcome message above post body and in sidebar.I these are the most liked and ideal places to add welcome message in blogger.

Welcome to my blog!

Here I can explain about my blog and myself, and why you may read mt blog.
I am helping others so if you thinkmy blog is really helpful then hit like ans share with your friends.

1 login to blogger account and go to layout

add gadget of html/javscript

paste the below code there.

<marquee><br /></marquee>
<br />
<div style="background: #adebeb; padding: 5px 10px 10px;">
<marquee>Welcome to my blog!</marquee></h4>
<img border="0" height="60px" src="" style="float: right; margin: 0 0 5px 5px;" width="75px" />
<br />
Here I can explain about my blog and myself, and why you may read mt blog.<br />
I am helping others so if you think my blog is really helpful then hit like ans share with your friends.</div>
Save the can place gadget in sidebar or below header.when you drag this gadget in sidebar, it look like square but below navigation menu i looks like horizontal.

Customization of message

Now if will tell you how to modify it according to your requirement.First if you want to change background color then replace  #adebeb to your color code.

Here is few color codes
Silver #C0C0C0
Gray #808080
Black #000000
Red #FF0000
Maroon #800000
Yellow #FFFF00
Olive #808000
Lime #00FF00
Green #008000
Aqua #00FFFF
Teal #008080
Blue #0000FF
Navy #000080
Fuchsia #FF00FF
Purple #800080

You can change welcome title Welcome to my blog! to your message and you can replace to any title you like.

Also replace text in red color with your welcome message or you can add any other message, its your good luck message or whatever.If you find this helpful then hit like can ask me if you had any problem.

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