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Auto Read More with Thumbnail Widget For Blogger

Auto read more widget is for those blogs which do not add jump break automatically while mostly template add automatic jump break but in some template it is missing and you have to add manual jump break for every post you made which may be irritating while jump break is very important so that in home page of blog and in the search page of blog post do not show as open it also make our blog heavy and it may takes time to load when browse. 
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How to add jump break in blogger

First lets see how to add manual read more to any post.make a new post and there you will see the jump break option as show in image so when you add jump break just add it by pressing.
manual read more
you can visit your blog to confirm.

Add Auto Read more in blog post

step1: For add adding auto read more in blogger  first login your account and select your blog now go to template and edit html.
there you will see the coding of you template. press any where inside the code area and press ctrl+F but do not remove ant thing this may make your template different or may be it not works properly.

step2: Now find this code by searching

above that paste the given below code

now save the template and now your post will show auto read more jump break no need of manual adding every time.

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