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Set Custom Redirect url in Blogger

when you do blog , and made post and pages
some time you made a wrong post and if you want
to remove it later . so when it comes in eye of
google it give error because you may delete the
page.  this decrease your rank . so to solve 
you  have to set redirect in blogger.
when you had delete page it go to
404 error . 302 error is transitory and it 
not go to any other URL but you can use as
under not available now .301 is constant error
and can go the  new URL, so get advantage of 
this and redirect your URL, but  you cannot
redirect external URL.

set redirect URL and remove 404 error 

step1: login to your blogger and go to
setting and select search preference 

custom redirect url in  blogger

step2: you see error and redirections edit
custom redirects. 

step3: set deleted url in from and redirected 
url  in to.. and save it

you can rediret your 404 error page
to your home page.

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