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Remove or change Navbar in Blogger

about Navbar

Navbar is horizontal bar having options
to new  post design , sign out, next blog.
when you click new post it divert you 
to blogger post and you can write post 
without going to home page of blogger 
this is helpful new blogger . you can
easily remove navbar in 1 min.
also you can change it from option.
it is very useful instead if you are
starter  because it is easy to approach 
any thing from blogger page.if
you want you change just select from
other option it is change of colour 
but options will appear the same.

remove Navbar in blogger template

first login to your blogger account.

remove navbar

go to layout and there you see
navbar at the top of layout.
and click edit and new window 
open as you see above. now just 
select off and save it.

now view your blog to confirm it 
just sure that you had save after 
selecting off option.

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