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Add Read More Below Every Post in Blogger

when you made post or page and in some 
of template , read more option is not appear 
instead whole content is visible on home 
page or other page. in blogger read more 
option mostly works automatically but not in 
all. read more button in very significant
for blog  design. you can add read more
option after a image or post text any 
where you want ...

you can edit template to make 
awesome read more option.

add more option in blogger

simple read more option

step1: when you write some text in 
blogger or add any picture where content you
add. but you to click  a button as you  see in picture

use of post in blogger
where you add this insert you see read more
option in your blog. visit your page to

note: you have to add this press this cut button
in every page or post. so  every post show read more 

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