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How to share Blogger post on Google plus.

google plus is a site by google you can share
your pics and you can chat with people . add them 
as friends . you can make free account .also you can
google plus into any language . google plus used world wide
you can make your fan page like as you made on 
facebook. you can make circle of your friends.
if you share or post any thing google plus ask you
that this will appear to your friends or circle. of if you
want to that this post appear to only your friends
just select it from option.there you can tell about your self
in your profile and also add your picture so your friend 
will easily find you.

so if you had not made your google plus 
profile just login to blogger and go to google 
plus and click get started. so after that when
you made post in blogger .it will automatically 
shared on google plus. and if you want to share
only that post which you want and you not want
that blogger share automatically , you should un check
the option from google plus in blogger . so which post you
want to share just click on share below post 
and share on google plus.. and it will ask you that
to share on your circle or page or friends , family
so you have to select where you want to share that post.

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