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How To Make Simple and link Page In Blogger

there are two types of pages in blogger one
is the simple page or other web address link 
page. pages in blogger very important so that
user find what they wants in default 
blogger has not install any gadget that you even 
not find home page . in usual any post you made 
go to home page. but you need to add page 
gadget and view your blog you see your home page 
appear and if you have made post before also
appear in home page. 

how to make simple page

how to make new page in blogger

go to page and make new page add content
in the page and publish it..

making link page in blogger

step1:now view the page that you have made .and
copy the link or url from browser.

step2: go to layout there you see large box 
written page. but you must add page gadget before 
that and click edit in right down corner.
make page like home page in blogger

step3:no click add external link and write add page 
title and paste the link you have copied.
save it and visit your blog to confirm.

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