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How to increase blog visitor : blogger seo

blogger blog is easy to use and any one can make blogger with little knowledge of computer. many person has started blogging but they have less visitor So every blogger are trying to make his blog on 
the web.If you don't get traffic in your blog you can not gain success .If you want to earn from your blog you must have lot of traffics in your blog.But increasing blog traffic is really hard.
You must have to work hard .Today i am going to teach how to increase blog traffic.Basically a new blog traffic increase slowly 
and it takes more time to get  a lot of visitors you must have more strategic to increase visitors.

how to increase blog traffic

how to increase blog traffic

Unique content is the best ways to get more visitors.if you want to get your blog in the first page of search engine then you have to write unique content.Search engine always search for unique 
So try to write unique content.

Visitors wants to visit those blog which loads faster.If your website takes long time to load then visitors go away from your blog.
To get high rank in search engine you must have fast loading speed in your blog.make your website fast loading you should 
remove unnecessary plugins  

Good design is a attraction of a blog.Design your blog awesome .Try to make combination between color of templates so that 
visitors can easily read the posts.

add popular post gadget in your blog so that visitor easily find what is famous on blog it also help to increase traffic of blog.

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