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Multi Color Most Commented Post Widget For Blogger

Adding most commented is beneficial for those blogger who update their blog daily and have lot of post so visitor can engage with the posts that have most conversation.First thing about this widget is that it is very easy to install.It is multi color stylish, when you add this widget it show 5 post with most comments but you can change it.

most commented widget for blogger

How to add most commented post widget in blogger

First you have to login to blogger.

Now go to  layout and add HTML/javascript gadget

Paste the given below code there and save it
.comment-count {padding: 3px 10px;background: #000000;color: #ffffff;font-family: 'Oswald', sans-serif;font-size: 80%;float: right;}.odhik-montobbo ul {padding: 0px !important;list-style:none;font-family: 'Oswald', sans-serif;}.odhik-montobbo ul li {list-style: none;padding: 10px;color: #000000;margin-top: -10px;background:none;}.odhik-montobbo ul li a {color: #000000;list-style: none;text-decoration: none;font-size: 90%;}.odhik-montobbo:nth-child(3n+0) {background: #E21323;width: 100%;margin-top:10px;border-bottom-right-radius: 30px;border-top-left-radius: 30px;}.odhik-montobbo:nth-child(4n+0) {background: #E5FF99;width: 100%;border-bottom-right-radius: 30px;border-top-left-radius: 30px;}.odhik-montobbo:nth-child(5n+0) {background: #00E5FF;width: 100%;border-bottom-right-radius: 30px;border-top-left-radius: 30px;}.odhik-montobbo:nth-child(6n+0) {background: #09BCF7;width: 100%;padding-top:-15px;border-bottom-right-radius: 30px;border-top-left-radius: 30px;}.odhik-montobbo:nth-child(7n+0) {background: #09F746;width: 100%;border-bottom-right-radius: 30px;border-top-left-radius: 30px;}<a style="display:none" href=""> Widget</a></style><script type="text/javascript">function stripTags(s,n)    {    return s.replace(/<.*?>/ig,"").split(/\s+/).slice(0,n-1).join(" ")}function mostcommented(feed) { var i; for (i = 0; i < feed.count ; i++) {var postURL = "'" + feed.value.items[i].link + "'";var postTitle = feed.value.items[i].title;var postComments = feed.value.items[i].commentcount;var postList = '<div class="odhik-montobbo"><ul><li style="margin-bottom: 10px"><div class="comment-count">' + postComments + "</div>" + "<a href="+ postURL + '">' + postTitle + "</a>"  + '</li></ul></div>'; document.write(postList); } } </script><script src=" AddUrlHere= you website url&NumberofPosts=5&_id=2cb5eb603ed55a6264ee1484e5fdd45c&_callback=mostcommented&_render=json" type="text/javascript"></script>

Note: look at the bottom of script, you will see you website url
replace you website url with your blog address.

By default it widget show five number of post.if you want to Change Number of Posts replace five with any number you want.

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