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Add Any Video In Blogger Post by 2 steps

types of video

In blogger post any video can be added.but confirm that it was not large size.if your video is small you video will upload easy , also it depends on the internet speed. it is recommended to use mp4 format. but blogger can upload any type of video but mp4 is light and good.there are many format of video . mp4 mkv, hvec , apple video , android video  flv, flash video. if you have record you video with digital camera . just reduce its size by converting to mp4 format.

how to put/add video in blogger post

step1:first login to blogger , go to your
blog and add a video bar gadget.

put video in post

step2: just click on black box as you can 
see in picture below.

how to put youtube video

strep3: now blogger ask you to put your video 
from you tube or from your pc or webcam.

if you want to add a video of you tube on your blog 
just search your video and add it . if you have 
record your own video upload it.

If you want to add video from any other video hosting site.copy the embedded url of video and paste in HTML of post body.

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