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10 Tips To Make OneWay Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are very important thing in seo and it can increase your traffic.Traffic is the basic need of successful blogger.There are some other ways to increase traffic but today i will talk how to make quality backlinks.There are different kind of backlinks and there are different ways to make backlinks of different quality.Iwill tell you best way to make quality backlinks.Some new blogger ask me in social media about backlinks, they ask me does it can increase traffic and my answer is yes quality and quantity both matter same wise when we write an article the some professional blogger say give preference to quality on quantity backlinks but i really want to tell you that you can not maintain quality without quantity. in ,my view  quantity  and quality backlinks both have their own importance.

quality backlinks

why we need quality

Obviously your blog traffic will increase with the increase of quality backlinks also it have you increase your page rank.If your page rank become high, your blog will be show at the top of search results and you will get quality traffic.May you have notice that when we search in google it show top ten pages quality sites related to your search.If your page rank is good then your blog will be shown to top ten search results.Now i am going to show the best ways to make backlinks.

First method is to get quality backlinks is  very easy and most famous among new blogger, mostly blogger knows this way to make backlinks with comments.When you comment on any blog do not say thank you, or good to get backlink and put link.Add more words to your comment and add quality reply,try to avoid comment as anonymous.Login with your google account to add comment and make sure you have added your image in your google plus profile, because it show your originality.

Best way to get links for blogger

2 Guest post

It is difficult method for newbie blogger but this method is very good and give you quality backlinks.Just find blog that accept guest post but before submitting guest read the policy and term for submitting guest post because they can reject your post if they do not like it.Hence before submitting your post share your post idea or topic with them ask them either they accept article on this topic,then you can write guest post not forget to maintain quality and get backlinks.mostly blogger accept five hundred word post or above.Read the backlinks policy, some blog give backlinks in author box while some blogger allow to add link in post body but mostly blogs give dofollow backlinks that is good and quality backlinks.

3 Forum

This is best way to get free backlinks, you do not need to write long guest post to get quality backlinks.Just sign up on forum and starting putting your blog link there.some forum give dofollow backlinks and some forum give nofollow backlinks but nofollow backlinks from forum are beneficial and have good quality.some dofollow forum do not allow backlinks until you achieve the minimum post reply.If you try to put link on your first reply the will not accept your reply so try to give answers on others question before putting your link.

4 Directory submission

This is also good way to get quality backlinks.Adding your blog link or website link in directory is very easy just a few minute process to get backlinks.First signup if required otherwise click on add link and write your website title.give few lines of description of your blog, add few keywords of your blog, add your blog link and click submit link.Reciprocal directories backlinks are of low quality if we compare.some directory site give instant approval to link,that is the fast way to get quality backlinks.
950+ dofollow directory List

5 Social media links

This is fast and easy way to build quality backlinks.Now i will tell you how to make dofollow backlinks from social media site.If you have not make facebook fan page then create new fan your page name and give description of page.When you finish the process, look at the left side of your page you can see blue color link add your website, click on it and add your blog link.Same wise you can make quality links from other social media profiles by adding your blog link to get dofollow backlinks.Do not make multi pages to add your blog link.

6 Interlinking

It is the method of linking post to another.It helps to increase your blog page views and give you quality backlinks.There is a technique of interlinks.First make post and put link of related post, now use this link and put it on two or more post then use these link and add on more related post.Use chain method for interlinking, this is free as instant way to make backlinks.

7 Give interview

Many sites take interview of bloggers and give backlinks.They give dofollow backlinks which is good quality.You can interview your self by making relation with other blogger.join groups or comment on their blog and communicate with them your effort, you did on your blog and win their trust.You can add few points in interview, tell your story how you become a blogger and share you experience.What mistake you did and your effort and success in blogging.

8 Article submission

Article submission is same as directory submission.Try out this for more exposure of your blog.Some site only accept quality articles.Very easy process for article submission just sign up, confirm you account and add you articles.

9 Donate to charity

This is expensive way for getting backlinks and i do not recommend you but choice but choice is yours.donate money to hospital or help any ngo, or any other institue to get backlinks.

10 Social bookmarking

social bookmarking is a good way to get link.Mostly new blogger only use facebook, twitter or google plus, the famous social bookmarking site but i suggest you to use other socail bookmarking site, it also help to give more exposure to your blog.There are many famous quality bookmarking sites like digg, scoop, folkdand many other give you free backlinks. check out list of high pr bookmarking.
bookmarking sites list

suggestion for creating backlinks

At the end i want to summarize this article.First thing most controversial about backlinks is either i make dofollow backlinks or nofollow.I think it is better to have nofollow backlinks instead of having no backlink. second most asked question is does backlinks from comments increase your visitor,of course backlinks from comments increase your will get targeted traffic also from search engine.Third question why to make backlinks, there are many benefits of backlinks first benefit of backlinks is it help to increase traffic.Backlinks helps to increase page rank.Backlinks helps to increase alexa rank.

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