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Change or Add New Favicon in Blogger

what is favicon 
favicon is small image seen on the
top of your browser tap .blogger
has set default favicon . favicon is
good idea to attract .favicon may
be image or animated image.
moving or action .it should be
small . so i tcan fit easily. you can
make favicon and replace with 
blogger favicon. but you cannot
remove design you 
can make favicon online

how to change favicon in blogger

step 1: login to your blogger and go
to layout

change favicon

you will see favicon  at the top 
left side  press edit 

step 2: now browse your favicon image 
and save it . view your blog
to confirm it.

how to add animated favicon

step1: login to blogger go to template
and edit html

add favicon in blogger

stepp2: now search this code

step3: replace given code above <b:skin> .

note: replace  add-your-favicon-link-here with 
the code you had generated.

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