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Set Custom Domain Automatically in blogger

blogger has ability to set custom domain.
google domain also available for blogger
users but you can add  any domain in
your blog. but if you have problem
to add custom domain from other you 
should set google domain . 

how to set custom domain in blogger

custom google domain for blogger

in whole process first you have buy 
a google domain. go to
and search your want to buy a domain if 
it is available in your country  you can buy it
you can pay your amount by paypal or other 
master card . you have to renew your domain
every year . you will be charged the same every year
you may forget to renew your domain so to avoid to
forget add your domain for more than one year .
google domain for blogger is very good and no
tension how to connect to blogger . just go to 
your account in google domain and select your domain 
and connect with your domain . it is automatically
connect by google domain but you must be the 
author of blog . they provide support by email.
so you can easily add custom domain in blogger
without any skill and secure. just transfer your 
domain to your blog from your google domain

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