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How to Disable Text copy in Blog/site 2steps

Blogging is not easy thing and mostly for those who are not aware of it.stop people coping your text and other context.I recommended that you should disable copy text option so that you can save your work from thief.Actually some content thief are not aware of many thing that can block their blog also stealing other thing is also unmoral  it is very important part to stop copying text from your blog  you have to edit your template and disable it in blog.editing template in blogger is easy and you have to follow me in few steps.

copy paste

how to stop copying text in blogger

step1:go to your blog and then
to layout and add a gadget
of html/javascript

how to disable text copy in blogger

step2:then paste given code in that

save the gadget and then go to your blog and see text copy
is disable 

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