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How to Add Robots.txt File in blogger 2 Steps

Robots txt file is added in root directory of
blogger blog or in any site so that search
engine know which part of blog crawl or
which is not. search pages are of no use
and mostly not allowed to crawl by google
 bot and archive can be disallow so that
only post of blog crawl what is most can create robot txt file
online but you may not understand meaning 
which can decrease you blog ramking in 
search engine. 

how to make robots.txt in blogger

how to make add robot.txt file for blogger

step1: login to blogger and select your blog

step2:  go to setting and then to search preference

step3: edit it and paste the given below robot file
and replace your blog with you blog url

save it , this is way you can add robot txt file.
adding robots txt file is very significant part
for blogger so that search engine know about 
your content to crawl .
Note: also add custom robots in blogger
and feel free to ask if you face any problem

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