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Blogger SEO Set Custom Robots Header Tags

custom robots header tags and seo

custom robot header tags are very important in
blogger for on page SEO of blog . custom robots
header tags deal with home page , archive , search page
post and pages all content in your help the
search engine what part of your blog  you want to 
appear in google search or what you do not want.
and wrong use of custom header tags can 
disappear you blog from search engine.that is
why it is important to know about all header tags
and their function in blogger and how to use 
these tags for better seo.we learn all
custom header tags step by step and how 
we will implement in blogger .

all:       there are no restrictions for indexing or serving.

no index:    no index not crawl and index any page of a website or blogger.

nofollow:   not to follow any link on the page.

none:       it is equal to no index 

no archive:   do not show archive in search results.

no snippet:   it will Google crawlers not to show a snippet in the search results for this page

noodp:       do not use dmoz for titles or snippets shown for this page.

no translate: do not offer translation of this page in other languages in search engine.

no image index:do not index images of this page.

custom robot header tags setting in blogger 

add custom robots header tags in blogger

how to set custom robots header tags

step1: first login to your blogger and go to setting
then search preferences and select edit.
by default blogger has not enable custom
robots header tags .

step2: select options as you see in picture 
and save it.

if you had not change custom robots header tags
you should change the setting for better seo
of your blog.

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