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2 Ways To Make All External Links Nofollow In Blogger

Some bloggers have many external links, normally when we add any internal or external link, it has no rel attribute.we can add rel nofollow to any link manually when we are editing post but it is time consuming and need much more effort to edit published posts one by one.Many new blogger do not know care about rel nofollow attribute but you must know basic of it.First rel nofollow attribute to external links do not let down your website ranking.

automatically make all external link nofollow in blogger

Why we should add nofollow attribute

You may not need to put rel nofollow to internal links but you should add it to external links.When your website sitemap send indexing request to webmaster,the bot also crawl external links of the page.To avoid search bot from crawling the external link you must add nofollow and it do not let you website page rank juice pass to external can use rel nofollow attribute manually to each hyperlink while you have to make some changes in template to make all external links nofollow automatically.

How to open all external links in new window

How to nofollow automatically and individually

Today we will add nofollow attribute for external links in blogger posts.There are two ways to do this task, in first method we will do this task by editing each post individually.In second method we will edit template and make some modifications, which will make all external url nofollow.Lets start the process, i will try to describe each step clearly.
How to make external links nofollow individually

Step1 First login to blogger account and edit post of external links.

Step2 click on external url, you will see option of change, click on it.

Step3 You will see pop up of edit link.Click on the check box of add rel nofollow attribute and press ok.

Step4 Never forget to press update button after making changes.

How to make external links nofollow automatically

Step1 Go to your blogger account select your blog.

Step2 Go to template and click on edit template.

Step3 click ctrl+f inside template to search below code.


Step4 Now paste the below code before </head>

     <script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function () {
jQuery('a[href*="http://"]:not([href*="your blog url"])').attr('rel', 'nofollow');
jQuery('a[href*="https://"]:not([href*="your blog url"])').attr("target", "_blank");

Step5 Remove first three red line if you are already using  jQuery.js file in your template

Step6 change your blog url to yours and save the template.

Final words
At the end i would recommend you to use no follow attribute if you have lot of external url.If your blog or website have good page rank and you are no using no follow attribute on external links, then search engine will also crawl out bounding url and pass you page rank juice to other urls. This is the best trick to maintain your page standing in search engine.If we talk about internal url, they do not effect page standing in search engine negatively.

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