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Automatically Redirect Blogger Blog To Another URL OR Blog

Recently we already learn about redirecting url temporary and permanent.Blogger give us option for broken link.if we delete any url by mistake then we can redirect that url to another website or blog.It can redirect blogger blog to other url and also to another blog url.This is very amazing feature to redirect traffic from one website to another.If you want to redirect home page of blogger blog then you need to modify your blogger template.Today i will show the method which can redirect blog home page to any internal and external link.This will be permanent redirect of website while you can revert template changes if you want to remove redirect any time.

automatic redirect of blogger blog to another url

How it can help

This is use to redirect traffic from one blog to other.It is also use to move your blog to another domain.It will be more helpful in a situation if you have delete you blog unwillingly and you have many important post and engine will continue to crawl your blog even if your blog is deleted but you can redirect traffic from old website to new website by using this method.I hope i will help you and now i will show you two methods, you can use any method according to you required situation.

We have different condition to redirect website, in first we want to redirect single blog url  to another and in second we want to move all post and pages of blog to another website.we will discuss both situation individually, in both method we will make some changes in blogger template.

How to redirect blog homepage with all post

And pages

Step 1 Login to your blogger account and select your blog

Step 2 select template from left side menu

Step 3 edit template and press ctrl+f inside code area.

Step 4 Now search box appear, search below code


Step 5 Paste below code after <head>

<script type='text/javascript'>
var d='<data:blog.url/>';
d=d.replace(/.*\/\/[^\/]*/, '');
location.href = '';

Step 6 Replace with your destination url.

Save your template and now you can visit your blog to confirm.It will redirect all post, pages and archive pages.

Redirect particular url to another website

Go to blogger blog template

search below code


paste below code after <head>

if(window.location.href == ' ')

Replace yourblog.blogspot with your beginning link and new url with your destination link.

Save the template and you are done.

It is nice way to redirect one blog url to another website.Hit like button if this post really help you.

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