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2 Ways To Add Forum In Blogger Blogspot

For community blog forum can play important role.People can discuss on different topic,share thoughts and many other things.I like blogger because it can be customize my blog to my requirement.Forum is a online platform where people can discuss things online.There are many types of forum available on internet, like games forum , kids forum and of many categories.some forum are general.In general visitor must be member of forum to post message or topic.
adding free forum in blogspot

Adding with nabble

Forum may have different category or sub category.People ask question for any problem.It is question answer based platform.Any member can reply to any question but if you are not member of the forum then you are not allowed to reply or comment to any topic.Today i will show you two ways to add forum in blogger.There id no problem if you can not buy hosting, it is totally free.

First method to add forum is by nabble.Nabble allow you to create and design forum according to your requirement.Second method for adding forum in blogger is by google groups.Follow the below instruction, i will try to describe every step.

First method by using nabble

Step1 Go to Nabble website,visit below link.

Step2 Click Create Free Forum.

Step3 Fill the required information, choose user name, enter your email, password, forum name and description.

Step4 Click on create forum.Check you email inbox, you will receive email to activate your account.

If you will not activate your account you may not allowed to access your account.

Step5 Go to Application then go to Change Application Type.

Step6 Select forum option and click on save changes.

For modification in the design , text font and color you can go to
Options>Application>Change Appearance and choose options according to your requirement.

Step7 This is the last step.Go to Options >Embedding options and copy the JavaScript code and paste it into the HTML of Post editor

Look at the top let corner to select HTML Editor of blogger blog spot post.

Publish your post or page and you are done.

How to add forum in blogger without nabble

Today i will show  best alternative of nabble to add a forum in blogger.some you do not like nabble or you are facing problem with nabble then you can try out this method to add forum in blogger.

how add forum in blogger without using nabble
Step1 go to the below link

step 2 click on create group and fill up required information.

Step3 Select group name, if name was take then you have to change your group name. select email for group and write description about your forum.

Step4 This is very important step.Select group type web forum and click create.

You will be asked few preferences about admin , moderator of and other setting options.

Step5 Now you can copy embedding code 

Step6 Login to blogger account go to the Html of post editor and paste that code

Look at the top let corner to select HTML Editor of blogger blog spot post.Save and publish your post or page

Now you forum is alive enjoy forum in blogger blog.There are many option is setting who can view your posts or who can reply to post.Select options according to your requirement.

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