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what is meta tag

Meta description is a HTML attribute which is often used by search
engine to reach your post so beside good title you also add meta description for your every post while description for post page
or search page is not much important because search page include different post pages which is often used in navigation.

This tag is the one of the main component of on page tell the crawler bot about your post.we learn how to add meta tag description and its importance for blogger blog.It describe the post to crawler bot that this post is about that topic. so crawler bots know that is post is relevant to the search.

It is important that for seo purpose and I think every newbie blogger should aware of this feature and its function.tag have different purpose , like title tag is use by crawler so that your page will be crawl if matched.well it is recommended and all blogger add meta tag because it is a part of seo to rank your site high in search also give description to the post while sharing in social .

How to add meta description

First of all you have to login to your blogger account.

Go to your blog and go to setting

how to add meta tag description.

GO to setting and then go to search preferences.

you will sea meta tag edit it  option.

select yes and write short explanation about your blog.

click save changes .

Few things to Note

Do not write long description that can influence your blog seo.Add up to hundred characters and do not exceed from one fifty.If you not save changes the it will not work so make sure you have save the changes so that meta tag work properly.Make changes and you will see the difference.

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