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Add Colourful Search Box In Blogger

By default in blogger blog the search box in not added so that to add it you have to install search gadget provided.It is very necessary part of blog design.It also help visitor to find custom result easily.

Reason of adding

It is very beneficial to add search box so that visitors can get required thing what they want too site must add this gadget besides this it make the site complete and make it beautiful.
if there is a site of buy sell and customer did not find what he or she is looking for so that they can search the site from search box and can access their required thing.

sample 1:

add search box

sample 2:                                                                                            
blue search box


How to add custom search box

search box can be added by gadget provided by blogger but that
search box is very simple and if you want to add a custom beautiful search box fews step are ahead.there are three custom search box widget given below choose any one what you want for your blog.
the colour of search box change when hover on it 

step1: first copy the code of search box you want to add then 
go to you blog layout and add an html java script gadget and paste that code there 

step2: save the gadget and then save the arrangements.

view you blog and you beautiful search box your widget near navigation bar which is better place for it.

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