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Optimize Blogger Header Tags White Hat SEO

Importance of header tags

In white hat seo we talk about how to optimize header tags in blogger blog.this is the main component of on page seo.this is also used to divide the content in to parts so that reader can read more easily.if you are a student or studied in school you must know that when you write a eassy teachers advise to use heading because when teacher check your eassy can easily read your arrange the content and also it looks when search engine collect page when searched show results relevent to topic.there are six header tags.H1 is the main tag and H^ is the least can optimize header or head tags by editing then template.The six tags h1,h2,h3,h4,h5, we see how to modify them for header tag optimization.It is suggested to use header tags in ascending order and do not miss any tag if you do then you wil not get good results.this is how header tags distributes
<h1>Title of the page</h1>
<h2>The first heading</h2>
<h3>The subheading</h3>
Header tags defines the summary of content in the search engine.when search engine bot crawl a page easily
get content under heading.As i already tell you that h1 tag is assigned to the title of page so you should
add add proper keywords in h2 header tag related to the content of post.

header tag in blogger post

Adding header tag in blogger post is compulsory for good seo search engine optimization.For seo friendly post adding of header tag is compulsory.for addtion of header tag in blogger blog s very simple.just go to you blogger account login and go to your blog.Make a new post also you can add header tag in your old
post if you had not added header tag in your previous post then edit it.write a good keywords heading and then select the text you want to add a header tag and select from option the heading h2 tag subheading h3 and minor h4 tag.
how to change in blogger

here in the image the example show you how to add header tags in a right way.some blogger knows about header tag but they do not know right way to add them.Hence in the below image example you can see that 5g blogger is my first heading h2 tag blogging is the subheading h3 and blog is the h4 tag which is minor.this is the actual sequence of header tag distribution.but if  we write subheading first and heading later or add minor first that will be wrong way that will not good for for header optimization
add in the actual way.
optimize blogger header tags

header tags in blogger homepage

By default setting of blogger heading tags are arranged in the given sequence.
<h1>title of blog</h1>
<h3>title of the first post</h3>
<h3>title of second post</h3>
<h2>title of sidebar gadget</h2>
I suggest that you should change this setting for onpage seo.According to defualt setting you can see that
h2 tag is given to the side bar gadget that are not importanat for seo.while  h3 is given to second and third
post.In blogger post header tags are arranged like this
<h1>  title of blog</h1>
<h3>title of post</h3>
<h2>sdebar gadget</h2>

how to change header tags in blogger

First login to your account and go to the template and edit html but get backup before editing so that
if some thing you do not want to change can be recover easily.
search this piece of code
after that replace the given code with the code between
<h1> and </h1. tag.

now search this

and replace the code between h3 tag

  In final words optimization of header tag in blogger is the good for on page seo and this is one of the component of on page seo.for any
suggestion or query i am always welcome to reply you.

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