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How To Make 100 Dollar On YouTube

make money

Making money on youtube is very simple
and trusted.because it is paid by adsense 
adsense is advertising site .you can 
put your ads for your business and become
more popular .many local and international 
business worker advertising on adsense.
every body who is interested in making
money online very well aware of adsense.
adsense is attached you is
a videos sharing site .anyone can share 
video on youtube. if you use youtube and
see video on it you have seen there will
be ads some before video some times.
that video may be ads of some company.
so these company pay adsense to put
thier ads and the adsense take some of part
and also share revenue with publisher of 

youtube earning

how to become publisher on youtube

It is very simple to become youtube 
publisher .you just need a gmail 
account.signup on youtube and make
some videos to put on not
put other video on youtube .if any one
had copyright of it can claim and after
3 claim you account can be disabled
so make you own video and put on 
youtube and monetize your videos.
you have to put many videos because
with single video you cannot make 
100 dollar.put video and you can 
see earning of each video in analytic.
it shows daily , weakly and monthly 
report. if you had claim of any video
you can counter claim on that if you 
had copy right of that.but if you had not 
copyright do not counter claim .now i tell you
how to increase more money on youtube
there are some trick to do so, you
should know before putting video 
on youtube.
no i just tell you some tips how to 
make more view to your video.
first make your video in high result and
not record on mobile. then make
a good title of video put on youtube.
so that more user come to your video when
search result show .if your video is good
informative people like it which in good 
next thing i s share your video with your friends 
so it may increase your video views.make
social media fan page and share your videos
there.after you had earned 100 $ you can
withdraw by paypal bankwire easily if you had not made your
channel onyoutube ..just made it and start 
putting videos and keep it up .. update it
tell your friends and fans to subscribe 
your channel so they get updates of your
channel .

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