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How To Embed PDF Files In Blogger Post

It is good way to provide all information on your blog.On demand i made the tutorial on how to embed pdf files in blog.Visitors are too lazy to go to other site and get required information while some other blogs offering them at the same page.Blogger give full permission to edit html of post and we have advantage of it.before we start process to embed pdf file in blogger we must have pdf file hosted on internet, mostly blogger using free data storage and google drive give you space of  fifteen gb data storage.

embed pdf file in blogger

How to host pdf files on google drive

If your pdf file in not alive on internet then you have to host your pdf file.As i already describe above that google drive give fifteen gb space for free and it is enough to host many pdf files.

Go to google drive, the link is given below.

Now click on blue button go to google drive.

You are redirected to new page to sign in 

Login with your gmail account.

Now click on create or upload button.

 You will be asked to upload folder or file

Select file, browse pdf file from your computer and upload it.

After uploading click on the pdf are redirected to new page, click on share button.

uploading file on drive

Now change the setting ans select public on web and save it.

How to embed pdf file from google drive

Click on file option and select embed this pdf file

Copy the give code and paste in to the HTML of the post and publish it.

Add any pdf file in html

Now i am going to tell you customize way to add any pdf file., either the file is hosted on google drive or some where else.

Make a new post go to the HTML of post.

Paste the below code in html of post.

<embed src="Url of the PDF file.pdf" width="550" height="750"></embed>

Replace the Url of the PDF file with your file url.

Compose the rest of post and publish it. 

Few suggesions

Blogger is fully customize if you know how to customize it.we can embed videos in blogger post, we can embed pdf files in blogger posts.we can embed youtube videos, also other we can embed other hosting site videos but be careful before add them to your post , and check that the content not a copyrighted because it can create problem for your and kick your blog from search engines and even your account can be blocked.

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