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Difference of white hat seo and black hat seo

Types of seo

White hat practice is a technique, when Search Engine Optimization for a website is completed search engine's supported rules.most of web developers  use white hat SEO.This type of technique is so good and search engine supports this type of technique.and your blog ranked high in google .This  technique  is natural and it gives the high natural traffic in a website.

white hat seo

what is black hat seo

Black hat practice is a technique when Search Engine Optimization is engine get it. This method is not effective and it is illegal and sometimes search engine banned the website
this activity. doing black hat practice you may possible to increase page rank but it is also impossible to keep  your blog constant
in search engine so thats why you should do white hat seo. This method is Unethical SEO. Most of the bad web developer 
practices this type of method.

white hat seo

Natural practice is the good type of SEO method by doing organic practices you do not get the really good result .  you need patience, time and experience and do white hat SEO take some
time you can not do in one day.I is used to gain quality visitors and it is liked by google and all popular search engine.white hat seo is user friendly and search engine friendly actually it is method to get good visitors.

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