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Optimize seo webmaster tools full guide

what to do for seo

If you have niche website you must add site links.. site links helps user
to go to the main topic what user want.use good keyword that rank your site 
high. you should verify your site so google know that you are the verified owner 
of site. so that you control your site well

all page can be reachable from static link.

select https  or www  version for your site

webmaster optimization tools

optimize you site

Create a useful, content site and write to the point and impresive in easy language
so user easily understand.

Try to use text inspite of images to display important names, content, or links.
The Google crawler doesn't see text  in pictures .
If you are using pictures for textual content, consider using the ALT attribute and put a few words

always Check for broken links and correct it so user not feel difficulty

If you are using dynamic pages confirm that not all search engine
spider crawls dynamic pages as well as static pages.

 webmaster tools

   let search bots to crawl your websites without arguments that track and check their path
in the site. These things  are very useful for measuring individual user activity
but the access pattern of bots are totally various. Using these things may result in failure of
indexing of your site. as bots may not be able to remove URLs that look discrete but go to the same page.

  use  robots.txt file on your server. This  tells the crawlers which directories
can or cannot be crawled.confirm it's current for your site so that you don't accidentally block
the Google bot crawler or other bot crawler .you must block search page to crawl and archive to no index
you can also do this by custom tags .

  Use robots.txt to prevent crawling of search results pages or other
 pages that don't add much important for users coming from search .

    Test your site either  it is  working correctly in all not  over stuff and
but multiple advertising company ads it make you site heavy.. and it take time too open . make it light so it browse quickly. do not make 
pages of same kind it confuse robot. 

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