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How To Show OR Hide Widget On Mobile In Blogger

Today technology is very advance and technology give freedom to gain access to internet anywhere.Even if you are in office or at home.Today i am going to tell you how to show and hide any widget or gadget from blogger home page in mobile view.Due to ease many people use internet on mobile , iPhone and blogger must make their blog light so that it can be easily browse on mobile.Due to large number of widget, your blog may take time to load on mobile.

hide or show widget in mobile in blogger

 show widget/gadget on mobile

First we will see how to show widget on blogger in mobile view because many people had problem with widgets when they view their blog on mobile.Actually blogger widget are disable mostly by default on mobile view.For more exposure of blog to visitors we must have confirm that blog widget are working properly on mobile.After we enable, widget work responsive and we get extra clicks on our blog.

Before editing template we have to find id of widget we want to show on mobile in blogger.

Finding ID of widget in blogger

Step1 Go to your blogger account go to layout and edit gadget that you want to show in mobile view.

Step2 Every gadget has unique id.I am showing you an example to find id of gadget.

When you click edit button then it appear as a pop up window.

Now look at the url of gadget.At the end of url you will see widget id.

Step3 Copy the gadget id, in above example i will copy HTML2 But your id can be different so be careful while finding and copying id.

Step4 Go to blogger template and edit Html.

Step5 press ctrl+f inside template and search the copied id

You will find line, as you can see in above image .

Add below mobile=’yes’ after locked false

Save the template and you are done. 

Hide widget/gadget on mobile

Copy the gadget id you want to hide on mobile.

Go to template and search that id by pressing ctrl+f

After finding add  mobile=’no’ after locked false


Save the template and you process finished.Now hit like button if this post really help you.
I hope it work on your blog, if you have any problem or question about blogger on mobile feel free to leave comment.i love to read your feedback and your suggestions.

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