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How To Make Money with Google Adsense

what is google adsense

google adsense developed by is lunched
in 2003.It is a online advertising site and the most
popular because it is the oldest have 
see when you use google and search for some
thing in search box then some of the related results
appears and mostly in down and or at top some of
yellow coloured written ad show that is shown 
is related to your search you had made .these ads 
shown there because some one paid adsense
to put their ads on google. also any one can put
ads on google adsense but they charge for it
may some business man and any private company 
want to advertise on google or on internet they
can easily do by google adsense.there are other 
advertising company working online also.
so what google adsense do they put ads on some
sites related to the topic and visitor see the ads
and google give money for showing those ads.

how to make money with adsense

types of ads

many types of ads are available first is text ads.
these ads are in written ads . some are animated 
images , simple images , text, video ads are also 
included these ads works on cpm and cpc.
adsense publisher  allows user to show ads.
many size of ads available so that user set 
according to the place available so these are the
content ads . search ads are show in google 
search results .search ads ads only written text
ads. but in context ads any type of ads is available.
third type is the video ads .video ads also can be
placed on content when user made 100$
then they can made withdraw so that they will
get their serve ads on the base
of location .if a advertiser put ads for specific
country .then those ads must show to specific
country or location .the web content and
the base of keywod.publisher monetize content.
some publisher user ads exchange but that was not
good idea because google adsense may caught 
and block them.

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