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2 Ways To Find Widget ID In Blogger Blog

Widget are very essential thing for every blog.We also add different gadget in blogger for different purpose.For example popular post and related post, some time for customization of blog template we need widget id.we can add any widget easily from blogger layout.After saving gadget we can save it and we can drag it to any place but after changing position of gadget we must have to save arrangements for blog layout.If we do not save changes for widget arrangements it will not work properly.Any way let came back to our topic.widget id means identity of widget.

how to find widget id in blogger

Every widget has different id.Here i will describe you an example of finding  id.Just follow me in below steps.
First Method

1 Go to blogger account and login to your account

2 After login go to layout of blog

3 Now edit required widget to find id

Now i am editing gadget of HTML/Javascript 

When you edit the gadget it open up in pop up window.

Look at the url, you will find widget id.

In above image the widget id is HTML2

But your id may be different, so be careful.

How to find id from template

Second Method

Now lets find id by editing blogger template.

1 Go to blogger template and edit html

2 Click on drop down menu and select "Jump to widget"

You will go to the location of  HTML for your widgets

you will see many widget enclosed between <b:widget> and </b:widget>

Just look for required will easily find id

In my case , you can see widget id in above image which is HTML3 and you are done

As i already describe every gadget has different id so make sure you find the id of required widget.I hope this post help you, if you
have any issue regarding this post, leave your comment i will try to help you. 

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