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How To Add Text Box In Blogger Post

Text area is used to put separate specific content like html javascript code from other content.we can easily put any code inside text box.I made this tutorial on demand, many new blogger asking me how you add text or code inside a box.Definitively they also want to use it in their blog.Blogger is fully customize and Its in our hand to modify it to our requirement what is why i like blogger.

add text box in blogger posts

Why to add text area

Well i will tell you a little about text can add text box what ever you call it no matter, in your post and pages also but mostly it is used in blogger post to add any code or some other content ., of course we can also add media rich content in separate box.It your choice.

As you can see sample image of text box above.That area will be used for adding text in blogger post.This is the most simple way to add separate content in blogger post.i will also tell you how to customize the text area so that you can increase or decrease the size of box. 

Editing blogger post

To add text area
 1 login to your blogger account and make new post

2 When you want to add text box go to html of post

 Paste the below code there.
<textarea cols="40" rows="5">add your text here

Replace add your text here with your text and then move to compose.
now you can write your post more down the box.

Customization of box

Now let me tell you how to customize the box , i mean how to increase or decrease the width or height of text box.

you can see red color highlighted cols 40  and rows5.we will change the number for modification.To change the width of text area the cols 40 .cols stands for columns .increase or decrease number 40 accordingly.same wise to modify height of box change rows 5 according to your requirement.If this post really help you then hit like button.

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