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How To Add Audio Music Player In Blogger Post

Today i came with new and interesting thing for blogger and visitor also ., you may be thing how it is interesting to viewers.yes it is both for blogger and visitors.Actually i am going to add mp3 music player in blogger post.I will add audio box and you are now able to add music directly inside your blog post.

mp3 audio music player for blogger

You do not need embedded code.This music player has custom design.Audio player has few options, you can pause or play music in can mute the player while this player tells the duration of  audio file.This is working fine on most of browser like when i we talk about popular browser then the first names came on our tongue are google chrome, mozilla firefox, internet explorer,opera and so on.. we have many other.but these are most used.

Why to add mp3 audio player in your blog

This is the important and necessary question how you add music player in blogger post.Assume yourself as a visitor and you are reading a article and if the article is long and take more than five to then minutes then obviously to will get bore and you may loose your interest in article that is why you should add music player.Now assume yourself reading a article with smooth background music, then of course you will not bore in-spite you like reading it and you will enjoy the time.It is common thing that our concentration become diverts when we continuously reading but music player can make it easy for you.

Adding music player without embedded code

This is the most easy way to add audio music player in post.Fisrt make a post and go to html of post.

Paste the below code there.
<audio controls>
<source src="audio-file-url" />

Now replace audio file url with your file link.compose and publish the post.

This code is for auto play, means when some one visit the post music player automatically start

<audio controls autoplay>
<source src="audio-file-url" />

Now replace audio file url.

Enjoy music while can add music player in post or page.This player support audio file so do not add video files in player.while you can add one than one music files in can host your audio files on hosting server because blogger is not providing hosting for audio music files.

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