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2 Ways To Hide Blog Title And Description In Blogger

When we make new blog then blogger ask to select title and url of blog.we can select any blog title for our blog but the url for must not be used or selected by some one other.Now i will show you how to hide blog title and description from blogger header.we add description and title for viewers so that people know about our blog.

how to hide blog title and description from header

why we use blog tile & description

we can not add long description, it should be unique and related to the topics of blog while we can add blog title of our choice like we can add blog title named after city town,our nick name or surname.what ever the title of blog but i recommend to select small and unique title, it should be easy to remember.Blog title is how on homage page of blogger in the header of blog and in the tab of browser.

How to hide title & description in blogger

It inspiring and attractive for viewers but some blogger do not like to show description and title to be show off for viewers, every body has own choice and taste so its up to you,whether you want to keep or remove blog title and description.Just follow me in below steps.i will describe two methods but i will recommend you to follow first method.

First Method  Recommended to use first method

1 Login to your blogger account and go to your blog

2 Go to template and slick customise

Go to advanced and then select add css

To hide blog title paste the below code there.

.Header h1 {display: none;}

To hide blog description paste the below code.

.description{display: none;}

Note Do not forget to click apply to blog button.

Second Method on

How to remove blog title from header

by editing template

1 login to blogger account

2 go to template and press ctrl+f

3 Now search below code in template

.Header h1{

It will be like this
.Header h1{
font description
font style

4 paste the below code after it

5 To hide description search for

paste the below code after it

save template and you are done.

I suggest you to use first method to hide title.It is proven method,it can also remove description easily from blogger.If you face any difficulty to hide title and description in blogger, feel free to ask me in comments i try my best to fix your problem.If this post help you the hit like button.

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