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5 Ways To Hide/Change Author Name In Blogger

When you create blog, it ask you to give gmail account information and blogger use gmail information and use gmail name as author.If you want to change your name in blogger then you have two possible choices one is change  name from google plus profile, second is changing author name by editing template.let see how to change or rename author in blogger for publish is also appear on publish post but we can rename,remove and change it.I will tell you two techniques you can choose any of method but its your choice.

how to change author name

How to change author name

1 First method is very easy and old trick, login to your gmail account and go to your google plus profile to change author name.If you has not setup your google plus profile then you have to set up google plus profile.Login to gmail move to google plus profile move your mouse cursor to your name, google plus ask you change it.edit and save it.This will change your author name.


2 Second method to change author name is by editing your template it changes your author name in your blog posts without changing in google plus.I will recommend you to choose this technique.

Login to blogger account go to template and edit HTML

Press ctrl+f  inside code area to search below code


Note: You may find above code more than one.


Replace all  <>  with your name.

Save template. You are done your author name is changed visit your blog to confirm.

After changing author name.Name in post and comments will be changed automatically and when made new post or when reply to new comment blogger use you updated and changed author name.I think you have advantage of second technique because it do not change in gmail while it  can change author name.

How to remove author name

3 In third method i will talk about how to remove.first i will tell you very simple trick but some people claim this is not working but you can try it,if it not works for you do no worry today i am going to to tell you two more tricks to remove author name in blogger.

Go to template and then choose layout edit the main blog spot gadget.

when you click edit then new pop up appear.

Now just uncheck the box of posted by. save it and you are done.

4 Fourth method is by editing template.

Login to blogger account choose template and edit HTML

Press ctrl+f  inside code area to search below code.


you may find it more than once

Remove  <> and save your template, you are done.
your author name disappeared,you can go to your blog for confirmation.

5 Fifth method to hide author name.

Go to blogger dashboard, choose template

click customize, go to advanced and then choose add css

add below code there and click apply to blog.

.blog .author { display: none; }

your work finish.I think the above techniques solve your problem to change author name.first two method are about  renaming or changing, while last three techniques are discussing how to remove author name.The name of admin is good and use for recognition and some author use separate profile showing name and other info.while others do not want to show name or want to change.It your choice to show, hide or change name.mostly author name is displayed below post.

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