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what is Seo - importance of Seo

seo is a way to make your site ranked high in google.
Search Engine Optimization SEO is a website optimization 
that can make a website significant to the search engines and shows that website article in first page of search engine.
these search result are natural search result.  every website
 author or blogger want to keep his website in the top
 ten result . if a website found in top ten result it 
makes high traffic. and high traffic is a key way
to become success .

why to do seo for site

there are thousand of sites can be found on google and other search engines. and it is very hard to keep any website in 
high result of search engines. As time pass more websites
add in google and other search engine. it may decrease 
your site visibility on search it is getting hard 
to get top of search result for your site.
 For this problem Search 

search engine optimization  can success your site in
top search results.many thing counts in search engine
optimization it needs a constant process and need 
a time to rank your site high in cannot 
optimize your site in one day and rank your site high
 in one day.

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