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Submit Sitemap of Blog : Blogger seo

today we learn sitemap for blogger blog 
site map is route of your blog many new
blogger made post and pages but the 
problem is that they cannot get visitor
which is more important . actually we
have to tell about our blog sitemap so
search engine easily crawl our post.
if you want to your post in serp and 
we have to submit our blog sitemap to
gwt. it is a significant way to get free
organic traffic . every blogger need organic 

how to submit sitemap in webmaster tool

you have to made account on
google webmaster tool go to link below

how to add sitemap in webmaster tools

step1:make a account if you had not and if you
not add you site in google you must add
it before submitting sitemap.

also read how to submit site in google

step2: now login to your account and 
select your site and at right side you
see crawl press it. 

step3: then you see sitemap at right side 
go there and add sitemap of your blog.

press add site map  as you can see in image.
and you have put below sitemap.


i hope i may help you how to submit sitemap
in google webmaster tools , it is very 
necessary part of seo you must add sitemap
of your blog in webmaster tools

Note: feel free to ask any question 

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